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Belize’s Great Blue Hole is a world-famous site, not just as a visual attraction but as a scuba diving destination. But did you know that the depths of it haven’t been mapped out since Jacques-Yves Cousteau exploration of it in 1971?

On December 2nd the Discovery Channel aired a live segment of Cousteau’s grandson, Fabien Cousteau with Richard Branson descending into the Blue Hole in submarines to collect data. They are now wrapping up the two weeks they spent mapping out the giant sinkhole and discovering its bottom.

Interested in seeing a segment? Click here for a clip from Discovery Channel’s Facebook page. And if you’re interested in seeing the Blue Hole for yourself, our winter specials will help get you to Belize, and Amigos Del Mar will get you the water. Click here to learn more about staying for less in January—the Blue Hole is waiting!

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