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While we’d like to think that work and vacation exist separately, “bleisure,” meaning business and leisure, is becoming increasingly popular in the travel industry. The reality is that many of us bring work on the road, or travel for business.

In a recent article by Belize Tourism, one of the stated benefits is that bleisure leads to more effective work since downtime is focused on relaxation and enjoyment. They list 6 main reason for choosing Belize for your next bleisure trip:

  1. Belize is very family friendly with activities geared to all ages
  2. You can do a lot in little time due to the size of the country
  3. It is easy to navigate and enjoy Belize as a solo traveler
  4. Short domestic flights make it simple to attend a conference in Belize City before spending a few days on Ambergris Caye
  5. Our take-it-easy pace reduces stress involved with conducting business
  6. Enjoy being immersed in our diverse cultures, so you take home more than the work you completed.

Want to read the full article? You can find it here. We would love to host you for your next bleisure trip, and invite you to check out our rates!

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