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Whether or not it’s intentionally celebrated, winter solstice is recognized around the world. On a calendar December 21st marks the beginning of the winter season. But more importantly, it marks the beginning of daytime hours becoming longer. After months of shortened days, the extra sunlight is always warmly welcomed!

Here in the “Mundo Maya” (Maya World) winter solstice is especially important. With the sun being a deity and treated as a living being, the tracking of the sun was their way of understanding the universe. Time passing was so much more than counting down to the next vacation, but held religious importance.

We invite you to celebrate like a Mayan by visiting Belize! Not only can we coordinate tours to important Mayan ruins such as Xunantunich and Lamanai so you can learn more about the ancient civilization, but you can celebrate the sun’s return under the Caribbean’s warm rays! Contact us to book your winter solstice getaway.

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